The African American Historical Preservation Society is a newly formed organization dedicated to Collecting, Organizing and Documenting the History and Experiences of York’s Black Community with the aims of educating current and future generations about this experience and to motivate and inspire them to reconnect to the very Strong and Positive Culture, Values and Traditions which helped our ancestors persevere and grow during the most difficult of times.

We have begun this process by collecting almost 3,000 documents, articles, photographs and other historical artifacts and archiving them in a retrievable database. This collection covers events from the earliest arrival of freed slaves into York County in the late 1700’s to the evolution of York’s historical Black Churches. From the very first school for Colored Children on through the period of segregated, separate but equal Schools. We are also documenting the significant contributions to our community growth and development by the many outstanding social and educational organizations such as Crispus Attucks, Brotherly Love Elks Lodge 228, American Legion Post 794, the Masonic lodges and many others who have contributed to the uplift of our community in their own special way. We are also documenting the many contributions by individuals and Families, including video interviews with senior members of our community.

It is a very comprehensive and ongoing project which will require commitment and dedication from those involved to be successful.Beyond collecting and documenting this History our aim is to use this information to uplift and encourage our community to come together in a Spirit of Unity and Agreement to identify and resolve major community problems. In order to accomplish these significant task we are asking for your support. If you have any ideas, information, documents, photographs or other resources which can help in this effort Please feel free to contact us by completing the form on our contact page or email us at JKIRK@yorkblackhistory.com. or iced1@comcast.net.    Thank you for your support.