Codorus Street The Village That Was…..

The homes on Codorus Street were taken by the Powers that be in a process called Eminent Domain…..where the people in charge can just Take your property for some contrived reason…..this also Broke up a very Nurturing & supportive Neighborhood of Families…….Here are a few photos of some of the homes on Codorus Street After the people were Kicked off the Street……by the way their supposed original intent was to build a 5 acre Park & Playland for the West End…..But they ended up giving almost Half of the site to the Dentsply Corporation for their use and then they put a Rinky Dink park there supposedly to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr……..

Below are a few of the vacated homes on Codorus before they were all demolished:



Author: jkirk

Founder and Chief Researcher for the York African American Historical Preservation Society