The Story of “Black Esther” Oliver

Here is a “real” photo of Miss Esther Oliver known by some as “Black Esther”. There are those who would try to sell you an alternative view of OUR History, a watered down, lukewarm version of Our History. Don’t believe the Hype. There is a Rhyme & Reason for those who have controlled and distorted our History for years to try to maintain that control and even use someone who looks like us to help them. Esther Oliver is one of our earliest ancestors who persevered against the harshest of conditions to carve out a niche in our History and a significance that deserves the Truth…….Remember those who used and distorted the imagery of another of our esteemed ancestors, Mrs Helen Thackston, to sell our community a scheme that continues to reverberate through our community and impact our children even today……..Like the young people who march in the streets today say, Its time for a Change ….Its time for Truth……..Image may contain: 1 person

Author: jkirk

Founder and Chief Researcher for the York African American Historical Preservation Society